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Visit our Magic Counter. everything from magic Sets for the beginner to professional magic tricks.

Magic at Mccullochs

Magic Cards, Sponge balls, Magic Sets, beginners Magic, linking rings, Thumb tips, Silks, Magic ropes, Flash Paper and more.

Our magic counter has been part of the fun at McCullochs since the stores beginning. We know its important for new magicians to start with something fun to perform yet not to complicated. This allows them to learn performance skills that inspire them to move on to a higher level of magic. If a beginner starts off with something too complicated it may frustrate them and cause them to loose interest in this fascinating hobby. For this reason we have created a Beginners Selection of magic tricks to choose from. You can purchase these effects knowing they will provide great fun and not frustration. We have an Intermediate Magic section designed for those who have more experience. For those with a higher skill level and determination we have an Advanced Magic Section including the very lastest effects.