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McCullochs Costume stocks thousands and thousands of costume accessories both on our showroom floor and in our online catalog. No matter what costume accessory you are looking for we are most likely to have it. TRY US! Visit us at 1140 Dundas in London or shop our online catalog.


Hats,Shoes and boots
Mardi gras and masquerade masks
Skeletons, skulls and voodoo
Wands,Weapons and shackles
Monsters, pirates and witches
Sequins, glitter and fringe
Bats, bugs, rats, spiders and snakes
Gloves, canes and parasols
Boas, feathers and display products
Animal ears, noses and tails
Clown supplies
Ties, socks, pantyhose and garters
Luau and hawaiian
Bikers, babes, boobs and butts
Crinolines and petticoats
Musical instruments
Pipes, cigars & smoking accessories
Handbags & purses

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