Let Hollywood Inspire your next Party!!!

Everyone has a Favourite movie, or a Favourite actor/actress, so why not let them inspire your next party!r54328Love the movie “Grease”, think 50′s.

132-85034ML R54153Thinking “the Great Gatsby”…148-01028L r57988Who doesn’t love a good old fashion western…

250343 R57676The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise has given the world 4 movies, with more to come..

102-27DIS5035 R50469Looking for something with a little more action…why not racing?603-29103 R50013Still want more action…who doesn’t love a good “James Bond” film

FW131394 R50073For Years Movies have inspired our lives, why not let them inspire your next party!!

Bring out your Inner Villain this Halloween!

With the popularity of Super Heroes rising, why not bring out your inner Villain this Halloween! Sometimes it’s so good to be a little bad!441-889965L 132-83767L 441-4891 441-887404L 441-887405 441-888632From T-Shirts, masks, makeup, wigs, and of course full costumes we can make your Halloween a little wicked this year!

Costume Kits make Halloween Easy

We love Halloween, and we especially love that Halloween doesn’t have to be difficult! With Costume Kits, get the pieces you need to bring your character to life.

Wolverine Kit includes sideburns, dog tag, and claws.

Wolverine Kit includes sideburns, dog tag, and claws.

cat in the hat adult

Mr Potato Head Kit includes hats and facial pieces for both Mr and Mrs Potato Head

Mr Potato Head Kit includes hats and facial pieces for both Mr and Mrs Potato Head

Where's Waldo includes shirt, hat and glasses

Where’s Waldo includes shirt, hat and glasses

Let a Costume Kit be your inspiration, and remember It’s More Fun in Costume!

Halloween T-Shirt Style

So you need to dress up, but it’s not really your thing. Don’t worry about it, Costume T-Shirts are your answer! With lots of different styles available you can be whoever or whatever you want, with minimal effort.B1282 154-WSPL 187-54223 441-880470LFrom Super Heroes to Hippies, a T-Shirt will get you through your night!

Make Your Halloween SUPER!!

Have you ever dreamed of being a Super Hero? This Halloween, release your inner child, and live the dream…even if it is for just one night!

With Super Hero Costumes for Men, Women, Children, and Toddlers, everyone in the family can be Super!

441-882314l 102-43676B 102-73045D 102-73065B 102-73380D 441-882085MFrom Super Hero T-Shirts to full Costumes, we can make your Halloween SUPER!!

Costumes aren’t just for Halloween!

With Christmas coming around the corner you may be looking for some last-minute gift ideas for the kids.  Kids love playing dress-up every day, so why not pick up an extra one now?

Really popular with the boys are any of the Super Heroes, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.  We’ve got these costumes ready to go as well as a lot of the accessories!  Harry Potter wands, scarves and glasses.  Darth Vader helmets and light sabers there are so many gift options just waiting to be bought and placed under your tree for your little one to squeal with excitement on Christmas morning!

Darth Vader children's Costume complete with injection molded face mask, cape, printed jumpsuit and belt. Available in S, M and L. Light saber and gloves sold separately

 With the success of The Green Lantern film this year, picking up a Hal Jordan costume is sure to be a hit! 

Hal Jordan costume complete with jumpsuit, ring and eye mask. Available in S, M and L sizes

Iron Man is a favorite with the little guys, and this next costume is extra fun because when your little on puts this on, magically he will be transformed with a huge muscle chest.  He will feel like he’s the king of the world and can save anybody!!

Iron Man 2 Costume complete with jumpsuit with muscle torso and arms, and character mask. Available in S, M and L sizes

Princess!! Princess!!  Princess!! How many times have you heard your little girl scream this when asked what she wants to be for Halloween?  Princess costumes are always popular and can be used throughout the year while playing dress-up.  Better yet, if you are taking your kids to see Cinderella at The Grand Theatre, you’ll need a princess dress as all of the kids are dressing up to go to the show!  How fun is that!!  We have Cinderella as well as some other princesses:

Cinderella dress with sparkle overlays, character cameo and attached faux pearls. Shoes not included.
Belle Costume includes dress with sparkle overlay and character cameo.

Have you picked up one of the Shrek DVD’s for a stocking stuffer this year?  Why not pick up a Princess Fiona costume and your little one can look the part while watching her favorite movie!

Princess Fiona costume includes dress with detachable sleeves, belt cord, tattoos and tiara! Available in S and M sizes

These is just a sampling of what we have to make all of your gifts their ‘favorites’ this year.  Check out our online catalogue for more or come down to the store!  Check us out on Facebook and follow us- you’ll always know what’s new and fun in the store!


A Costume without the Costume!

Excited about dressing up but don’t want any hassle this year?  How about dressing up as a Superhero by just putting on your jeans and a t-shirt?  We’ve got the new DC Comics  T-Shirts with capes!!

Men's Batman Shirt with cape and mask Womens' Batgirl shirt with cape and mask


Womens' Batgirl shirt with cape and mask










These shirts are so fun and quick to put on.  Leaving the office late?  Rip off your suit jacket like a true superhero and put on one of these shirts and you’re transformed to all powerful in a matter of a minute!

We’ve got Batman’s sidekick Robin, so it’s a great couple’s idea for a costume too.  And of course, we’ve also got Superman!!

Men's Robin T-shirt with cape and mask Men's Superman shirt with Cape


Men's Superman shirt with Cape

No Superhero collection would be complete without the presence of Wonderwoman, and we’ve got her too!

Wonderwoman shirt with cape and headpiece

Come to the store today and try on one of these quick, easy and fun alternatives to a full costume!  And at a steal of a price from only $31.99 each, you could easily be a different Superhero on each Halloween party you go to!  Superhero’s don’t have to be broke, they just have to have fun! 

If the Superhero in you would like to remain incognito, then go to our online catalogue and order yours in secret!  We will ship it right to your office or home, and nobody will even have to know who you secretly are!!  I’m sure it’s what Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne did!