One of a Kind Costume Rentals


DSCF6725 DSCF6115Not interested in buying a costume that you’re only going to wear once…why not rent! With Costume Rentals you get your choice of beautiful, handmade, Award Winning costumes made by expert seamstresses. With One of a Kind costumes you are sure to be an original, and with 4 change rooms available and with the help of our friendly knowledgeable staff, you’re sure to get that perfect fit. With lots of selection still available for both couples and individuals, our Costume Rentals are sure to make your Halloween one of a kind!costume rentals DSCF6180

Accessorize in Style

No matter what costume you choose this Halloween the accessories or lack of them, can make or break you costume! With everything from wigs, glasses, stockings, jewellery, gloves, hats and so much more, we have all of the accessories to turn your costume from good to GREAT!FW90211 132-6120 187-62062 241-676482

Top off your look with the perfect hat!

If you’ve ever been to our store, you’ll know that we have an endless supply of hats for every occassion and look.  From top hats, bowlers, cowboy hats, witch hats, skimmers, majorette hats, police hats and everything inbetween, we’re sure to have something for everyone.  We at McCulloch’s pride ourselves on having not just a variety of styles, but also a variety of each style with various costs and quality.  You may be looking for just a plastic top hat for a ten-minute act on stage, or looking for a top-quality wool top-hat; we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few hats that are popular this year:

Mario Hat! We’ve got Luigi and Waluigie too!

Harry Potter fans will love this one.  Pick up a Sorting Hat and see which house you get placed in.  Will you be a Slytherin, Griffindor, Ravenclaw, or a Hufflepuff??

Top your head with this and be prepared to let your friends know which house they will end up in!

Ladies who want to pull of the hot and sexy gangster look will love this striped fedora:

Sexy pinstriped fedora complete with rhinestone jewel on the band!

We are seeing a lot of Burlesque beauties this year, and for the perfect look you need to have a mini top hat!!

These mini top hats can be purchased in black or white satin, black velour, red with a bow and feather, grey velour with bow, or even with a veil attached!

A lot of you may not want be interested in dressing in a full costume, but you don’t want top stick out as not participating in the fun.  Why not get one of the following hats?  All you need with these is a suit or shirt and jeans and you will be in full costume!

We all know housewives in the 50′s Loved the Milk Man! Put on a white shirt, white pants and a black bowtie and you are ready to go!!

Easy too is this next one.  Grab one of your dark suits you have hanign in the closet, put this hat on and you are an old-styled New York taxi cab driver!  Maybe you’ll even get some tips!!

This taxi hat comes with a fake mustache and fake eyebrows too!

Another hat that works well with your dark suits is our conductor hat.  This one is gorgeous guys, and it will really make the ladies turn their heads your way.  Women love a man in uniform, and with a suit and this hat you are now classified as a sexy looking uniformed guy!  Get one today!

Collect peoples tickets as a Train Conductor with this super stylish and high quality hat!

Don’t forget to check our online catalogue for our full hat selection!  And remember: if we don’t have it in our store we will do everything we can to get it in for you!!

The Perfect Murder!

Looking for ideas for a party?  Want to have your guests take part in a murder?  Murder Mystery Parties are back in full swing, and McCulloch’s has the kits to make yours a success that your friends will be talking about for years to come!

Our Murder Mystery Party kits come with all you will need from invitations, place cards, recipes and menus, as well as character booklets for all suspects to know their roles and background information. 

Murder on the Grill- a 1959 themed cookout with Chubby Cheddar, Barby Q, Bobby Sox and Johnny Angel as a few of the suspects!










Want to have a Mafia themed party with guests by the name of Rocco Scarfazzi, Tara Misu, Clair Voyant, Mama Rosa, Angel Roni, Bo Jalais and Father Al Fredo?  Buy our Pasta, Passion & Pistols Murder Myster Party Kit!

Past, Passion & Pistols Murder Mystery Party Kit featuring Rocco Scarfazzi, Mama Rosa and Father Al Fredo as a few of the guests!
October can be cold, so why not bring the beach to your living room and back yard?  Hawaiian parties are always popular, but why not take it to the next level by adding some murder and suspicion to yours?

Lethal Luau Murder Mystery Party Kit featuring Nadia Seymour, Holly Day, Rip Tide and Les Baggs as just a few of the guests!


 We’ve got more Murdery Mystery Party Kits too!  Honky Tonk Homicide, Murder on Misty Island, and A Murder at Mardi Gras.  All kits are geared for 6-8 guests and come with a CD to provide and introduction to be played to your guests!  For only $29.99 this party will not murder your pocketbook, just one of your guests!

All of your guests will need to get dressed up for their character, and they can find whatever they need in our sales or rental departments.  Tell them to come to the store with their character card and any of our dedicated sales associates will help them to look the part!




Costume Rentals Has Gone Sexy For Halloween

Tired of wearing a traditional costume and want to try something a little sexier?  Our costume rental department now offers Sexy Choices including a Sexy Maid, Sexy Gangster, and a Sexy Little Bo Peep!  Have some fun this year and try one of our new rental costumes!! You can also purchase sexy costumes in our sales department or via our online catalog.

Sexy Maid is one of our rental costumes.

The Sexy Maid Costume is available in McCullochs Rental Department