Click Your Heels 3 Times and You’ll Be At McCulloch’s!!

We all know that shoes can really finish off an outfit and give you that polished look.  It’s the same with a costume! You need to check out our line of shoes and boots that will take your costume to that final look of perfection!  Here are a few examples of what we can do to make your feet happy and included in your look this season!

Ruby Slippers!! No need for the Wizard when you have these on your feet!

 Those Ruby Slippers are in Men’s Sizes, so it’s not just the women we are taking care of! And while we are checking out men’s shoes, take a look at these next ones.  If you are doing a 70′s themed costume or pimp look, your really need to slip on a pair of these!

We've got the brown leopard printed platform shoes as well as the black and white leopard printed platforms for men!!

Now don’t feel left out ladies as we can cover your needs as well.  Check out these sexy and fun Go-Go Boots and Chunky Thigh-High Boots!!

Go-Go Boots in White or Black



You may not find all of these boots and shoes on our website as a lot of them are being discontinued by the supplier, but fear not we have a lot of inventory!  Come to the store and try them on, or give us a call at  519-659-3787 and we can ship them directly to you!! 
And we’ve also got pirate boots, Mary Janes and Roman Sandles too!!  Dressing up your feet has never been so much fun!!