Top 10 Reasons to Shop at McCulloch’s!


For those of you who have never been to visit us here at McCulloch’s, these are the top 10 reasons to come and see us.

#10. McCulloch’s is a London based and Family owned and operated business.

#9. Our Costume Rental Department has hundreds of beautiful costumes made by expert seamstresses.

costume rentals#8. From Masquerade Masks to high quality Latex Masks, we can help you get your scare on!eyemasks#7. Over 100 different styles of hats and over 100 different styles of wigs in stock to help “TOP” off your costume.wigs hats#6. Accessories, accessories, and still more accessories!accessories#5. Costume Experts with 6 change rooms available to help you get the look and the fit you want.

#4. 13 walls of Costumes ranging from size Newborn to 3XL.

kids costumes adult costumes#3. Friendly Knowledgeable Staff who work year round to get ready for Halloween means that there is always help available.

#2. Extensive Selection of Makeup with Professionals to help advise you how to get that amazing look.

makeup counter#1. 52 Years in Business. 52 Halloweens, means we ARE Halloween!!

Halloween Make Up Kits For Everyone

Face Paint and Makeup have come along way since most of us were little Trick or Treaters ourselves. Makeup Kits are a great way to be able to paint all of your characters faces with one fabulous kit. With multiple styles available, and very knowledgeable staff on hand at our Make Up counter, even the beginner face painter can feel like a pro.J94003 570005 570113 fw9432

The Zombie Uprising is HERE!

In a time where Zombie Movies, and TV Shows are everywhere, it’s not surprising that the Zombie epidemic has reached monster proportions.

With Masks, Makeup, Costumes, Decorations and Accessories we are all geared up and ready for our newest batch of the undead.fw9488 J88859 S92855Zombie season is upon us, and we are ready!

An alternative to liquid and foam latex!

McCulloch’s is geared up and in the spirit for this Halloween season with a new line of appliances to get the best gore look without the time and mess of liquid or cold-foam latex!  New for 2013 are Water-Melon Appliances from Michael Davies!

Scary Kerry Water-Melon Appliance by Michael Davies

Scary Kerry Water-Melon Appliance by Michael Davies

These are the FIRST water based appliances offered.  Water-Melon is superior to standard appliances in many ways:  1. It thins with water, 2. Edges dissolve with alcohol, not acetone, 3. There are NO solvent vapors, and 5. Water-Melon can be applied directly to the skin like latex. Appliances made with Water-Melon can be applied WITHOUT ADHESIVE, using 99% isopropyl alcohol as you would adhesive.
Shotgun Blast Water-Melon Appliance by Michael Davies

Shotgun Blast Water-Melon Appliance by Michael Davies

These appliances are easy and quick to apply with isopropyl alcohol and no blending of edges are needed.  Add some blood and/or make-up and you are ready to go!  We have a wide variety of styles to choose from, and they are priced right at $2.99- $14.99!  Appliances are easily peeled off and can be re-used.  Water-Melon Appliances also offer ear tips, stitched wounds, horns and more. Be sure to check out our website for more styles.
Ear-Ye! Ear Ye! Water-Melon Appliance by Michael Davies

Ear-Ye! Ear Ye! Water-Melon Appliance by Michael Davies

Big Ol' Devil Water-Melon Appliance by Michael Davies

Big Ol’ Devil Water-Melon Appliance by Michael Davies


Gore and slashed throats made easy!!

Special effects make-up is truly an art form, however you can get some amazing looks yourself with a few tricks.  We carry a large line of Woochie latex appliances that you can glue into place, add some make-up and you will have the look of a pro!

Slit Throat Appliance by Woochie- Cinema Secrets

Slit Throat Appliance by Woochie- Cinema Secrets

Check out our website for more details and more appliances to bring your look this year to a higher level!  Wow your friends and family and make them think you’ve gone to F/X school.  And if you have questions, please come into the store and we can give you some pointers.  We have make-up experts doing demonstrations as well and they would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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We are giving away a BRAND NEW iPAD by APPLE!!  This beauty is an iPAD 2- THIRD GENERATION which is the newest one on the market!  Here is how you can get it:

1. Go to our Facebook page and “Like” our page.  This gets you one entry into the draw for the free iPad.

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Special Notes/Rules:

  1. Employees and family of employees of McCulloch’s Costume and Party Supplies are not eligible to participate in and/or win said contest.
  2. Winner does not need to be present to win.  Winner will be contacted via Facebook.  Should winner not claim prize by close of business November 30, 2012 a new winner will be drawn.
  3. McCulloch’s Costume and Party Supplies reserves the right to release the winners name and/or image in print and/or video for publicity purposes.
  4. iPad contest runs from August 1, 2012- October 31, 2012 at 12:00 Noon.
  5. Contest is open to everyone and is not limited to Canada.  Should the winner not be able to pick up their prize in person at our store, the prize will be shipped.  Winner will be responsible for shipping costs.

Woochie can make your look easy!

Not all of us have a lot of time or special effects experience to create the gorey look we want for our costumes.  We at McCulloch’s understand this, and while we have some incredible experts with special-effects make-up on staff who are morte than happy show you some tricks and techniques, we also stalk a large variety of Woochie brand appliances by Cinema Secrets that can turn your appearance in just a few minutes without a lot of skill or headache.

Want to look like you’ve been stabbed, bleeding to death and barely holding on to life?  Pick oup one of the “Ouch” appliances and you’ll have people screaming to call 911 for you!

"Ouch!" Woochie Appliance- Be ready to tell the paramedics you are just kidding as they may rush to save you!

Maybe you want to look as if you’ve been attacked by a group of angry birds that have taken your eyes, or some sort of biblical sinner that has had their eyes removed as pennance?  Well, look no further because we can help you “See No Evil!”

"See No Evil" Woochie Appliance by Cinema Secrets. You CAN see thru this, but everyone around you will think you've lost your eyes!

Vampires are always popular this time of year, and with this next appliance you will look like the best one yet.  So many people stop with just blood and a little white make-up.  This appliance will make you look like something right out of a Stephen King novel for sure.

Vampire Forehead by Woochie. This appliance will put you heads above all of the other Vampires walking the streets this year!

Lastly, we all know wherever the Vampires are, Werewolves are sure to lurking close by.  Rather than getting a full-head latex mask to pull off this look, use this next appliance.  Being that this is glued to your face rather than coviering your entire head and face, you’ll be much cooler and and less intrusive.  You can talk and see much better with an appliance on your face versus a full latex mask!

Werewolf Face Appliance by Woochie. It’s so much easier to howl at the moon with an appliance. Put the mask down and make up your face instead!

Add one of these or one of our many appliances to your look this year.  We’ve got all you need to make these easy for you to use.  We’ve got make-up, spirit gum, liquid latex and crepe hair!  If you’re uncomfortable with how to apply it, don’t worry.  One of our qualified staff members will be happy to take the fear away and show you how to do all of it!