Show your Christmas Spirit!!

With all the entertaining, parties, and family dinners coming up in the next few days, show your Christmas Spirit with a few fun Christmas Accessories.r20723 r20722 FW7455From Hats, Sweaters, Buttons and Beads…Let the World know how much you love Christmas!!!

Even Santa needs the finishing touch!

What do red suspenders, white gloves, jingle bell straps, and round or small rectangle glasses have in common?  You will see them on Santa Clause!

A Santa outfit is truly complete with just a few finishing touches.  McCulloch’s ensures that we have all of the things Santa needs to look his best.  Take a peek at a few of these items we have to make your next outing as Santa a Ho Ho Ho success:

Round brass Piz Nez with chain. Perfect for the elegant Santa look!Brass colored rectangle wired glasses. These are another great alternative look for Santa!

 Perch this next pair at the end of your nose and look lovingly into the eyes of the children around you and they will see the magic of Santa for sure!

Brass colored rectangle wired glasses. These are another great alternative for that perfect Santa look!

Let’s face it.  Santa has a large, portly belly. When one is blessed with the jolly belly one is also cursed with the difficulty of keeping up their pants!  Pick up a set of heavy duty suspenders to ensure Santa won’t get caught with his pants down!

2″ wide red suspenders with chrome clips

Santa works with his hands placing all of those gifts under the trees and eating cookies that the children leave for him.  Ever notice how his gloves are always clean and white?  He may have some magical powers to keep his gloves clean, but we haven’t figured out his secret yet.  Instead, we’ve got a huge stock of gloves so you may want to grab yourself a few pair just to be safe!

White cotton gloves with elastic inside wrist
White Nylon gloves with wrist snap enclosure

Last but not least, Santa can’t forget his Jingle Bells!  It is thought by some that Santa rings these bells not only when he is in his sleigh flying away from homes he’s just visited, but he also rings them in a magical way to alert his reindeer so they are ready to go to the next neighborhood.  Are you sure you want to be a Santa this year and not have your jingle bells ready??  You may end up finding yourself stranded if you don’t have them with you!

Bell strap with 4 large jingle bells and wrist strap

Whatever your need for your Santa look this year, McCulloch’s is your one-stop Santa shop.  Come in to the store today or check out our online catalogue to look at everything else in our inventory to make Christmas a success this year!