Casting Call for all GLEEKS!!

Have you ever wanted to be a part of Glee Club but missed your chance in High School?  Did you try out only to be put on the “cut” list because you can’t really carry a tune?  Well then, carry your tune and yourself into McCulloch’s and pretend you are in Glee Club for Halloween!  Nobody can cut you from the club on Halloween, and you’ll be able to sing for your treats!

Twisted, mean, brass and wordy Sue Sylvester could be YOU this year!  You can hunt for William Shuester and tell him the Keebler Elves living in his hair are driving you nuts! 

Sue Sylvester from Glee- comes with the wig!!

Maybe you don’t have the sarcastic wit you feel you need to pull off Sue.  Why not instead go out for the Glee Club and the drill team too?  Become one of the Cheerio’s! 

Cheerio's Uniform from Glee

And for you guys out there, fear not!  You don’t have to miss out on the fun.  Get your swagger and your swooning voice on and transform yourself into the hot and sexy Puck!  What girl would turn you down now?

Puck from Glee-complete with headpiece!

Just like the show, everyone is welcome in Glee Club so long as you have a desire.  No auditions necessary to become a Gleek.  Just come down to McCulloch’s and try on one of these costumes today and you can start being a true Gleek!  Now, while we can ensure you will have fun and lots of laughs dressed as a Gleek, we can NOT guarantee you won’t be hit by the infamous Slushie!