Make-up has never been so easy!

Werewolves, zombies, old men and women, witches, cats and vampires, oh my!  One of these looks can be yours if you want it, and we’ve got some fantastic make-up kits to ease you into this look without headache or breaking the bank!

 These awesome kits by Graftobian, a reputable company offering professional and high quality make-up products, come with everything you need to transform yourself.  Make-up pallet, brushes, sponges,  powder, latex, spirit gum and full colour instructions are all included in the price. (note: items in kit vary)

Want to age yourself but don’t feel confident in doing the make-up?  Grab our Old Age Kit and you can easily change your look by 30 or more years in no time!

Look old but feel great with our Old Age Kit!

A Witch Kit is great for those of you wanting to be wicked or good this year!

Witch Kit by Graftobian

If you are looking for a feline experience year pick up the Cat Kit.  And remember, all of these kits have step by step full colour instructions included!

Cat Kit by Graftobian

For those of you wanting to go a little scarier, we have Vampire Kits, Werewolf Kits and Mummy/Zombie Kits too!!  Take a look!!

Vampire Kit includes blood!!
Mummy/Zombie Kit
Werewolf Kit- complete with crepe hair!!

Don’t worry if you don’t see a kit for the look you are going for.  Come in and talk to one of our professional and eager to help staff members who will gladly give you tips, tricks and all the tools you need for your make-up look. Go out this year confident that your make-up is looking its best.  McCulloch’s  is your first stop for ALL of your costume needs, and with these kits starting at only $18.49 you’ll have lot’s of money left to play with this Halloween!


Top off your look with the perfect hat!

If you’ve ever been to our store, you’ll know that we have an endless supply of hats for every occassion and look.  From top hats, bowlers, cowboy hats, witch hats, skimmers, majorette hats, police hats and everything inbetween, we’re sure to have something for everyone.  We at McCulloch’s pride ourselves on having not just a variety of styles, but also a variety of each style with various costs and quality.  You may be looking for just a plastic top hat for a ten-minute act on stage, or looking for a top-quality wool top-hat; we’ve got you covered!

Here are a few hats that are popular this year:

Mario Hat! We’ve got Luigi and Waluigie too!

Harry Potter fans will love this one.  Pick up a Sorting Hat and see which house you get placed in.  Will you be a Slytherin, Griffindor, Ravenclaw, or a Hufflepuff??

Top your head with this and be prepared to let your friends know which house they will end up in!

Ladies who want to pull of the hot and sexy gangster look will love this striped fedora:

Sexy pinstriped fedora complete with rhinestone jewel on the band!

We are seeing a lot of Burlesque beauties this year, and for the perfect look you need to have a mini top hat!!

These mini top hats can be purchased in black or white satin, black velour, red with a bow and feather, grey velour with bow, or even with a veil attached!

A lot of you may not want be interested in dressing in a full costume, but you don’t want top stick out as not participating in the fun.  Why not get one of the following hats?  All you need with these is a suit or shirt and jeans and you will be in full costume!

We all know housewives in the 50′s Loved the Milk Man! Put on a white shirt, white pants and a black bowtie and you are ready to go!!

Easy too is this next one.  Grab one of your dark suits you have hanign in the closet, put this hat on and you are an old-styled New York taxi cab driver!  Maybe you’ll even get some tips!!

This taxi hat comes with a fake mustache and fake eyebrows too!

Another hat that works well with your dark suits is our conductor hat.  This one is gorgeous guys, and it will really make the ladies turn their heads your way.  Women love a man in uniform, and with a suit and this hat you are now classified as a sexy looking uniformed guy!  Get one today!

Collect peoples tickets as a Train Conductor with this super stylish and high quality hat!

Don’t forget to check our online catalogue for our full hat selection!  And remember: if we don’t have it in our store we will do everything we can to get it in for you!!

Another Video!!

Check out the latest interview with Rose McCulloch done by the London Free Press!!  Click the link below! 

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Fresh FM visits McCullochs Costume

Londons Fresh FM Radio dropped in to McCullochs Costume for Halloween costume, accessory and make up tips.

Get Your Purse in Costume!!

That perfect outfit you have lined up is fantastic, but what are you going to do with your keys, money, cell phone and lipstick?  Why not get a purse to match your costume?

For all of you ladies going out as sexy firemen this year, add this fire extinguisher purse to your outfit!

Extinguish all of your emergencies with this Fire Extinguisher Handbag!

 We’ve seen a lot of people going as Beer Wenches this year.  Also, we know a lot of you are professional bartenders and wait staff throughout the year.  You can add this piece to your outfit or just use it all year round!

Beer Mug Handbag- plenty of room for all of your necessities when you are out on the town!

 Alice in Wonderland is another favorite this year, and we have the perfect accessory to match this outfit.  Remember the clock?  Well here it is in the perfect sized handbag that will all have all of your friends green with envy!

Crazy Hour Alarm Clock Purse

For all of you Strawberry Shortcake fans, we’ve got one for you too!  You can carry shortcake in this, or just your keys, cellphone and all of the phone numbers you’re sure to get dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake!

You can carry shortcake in this, or just your keys, cellphone and all of the phone numbers you're sure to get dressed up as Strawberry Shortcake!

Last but not least we can’t forget the gal who got lost in Oz for a period of time.  Dorothy always had her wicker basket with the gingham printed material, and now you can too!Click those heels together, but hang on to your handbag!

This Gingham Basket handbag is the perfect size for a night out. There is even room to fit a small stuffed dog so you can say you found Toto!

These are just a few of the purses we have to finish of your perfect outfit.  Be sure to check out our online catalogue and see our full selection- just type in the word “handbag” in the search window and you’ll see all the great pieces we carry!

Woochie can make your look easy!

Not all of us have a lot of time or special effects experience to create the gorey look we want for our costumes.  We at McCulloch’s understand this, and while we have some incredible experts with special-effects make-up on staff who are morte than happy show you some tricks and techniques, we also stalk a large variety of Woochie brand appliances by Cinema Secrets that can turn your appearance in just a few minutes without a lot of skill or headache.

Want to look like you’ve been stabbed, bleeding to death and barely holding on to life?  Pick oup one of the “Ouch” appliances and you’ll have people screaming to call 911 for you!

"Ouch!" Woochie Appliance- Be ready to tell the paramedics you are just kidding as they may rush to save you!

Maybe you want to look as if you’ve been attacked by a group of angry birds that have taken your eyes, or some sort of biblical sinner that has had their eyes removed as pennance?  Well, look no further because we can help you “See No Evil!”

"See No Evil" Woochie Appliance by Cinema Secrets. You CAN see thru this, but everyone around you will think you've lost your eyes!

Vampires are always popular this time of year, and with this next appliance you will look like the best one yet.  So many people stop with just blood and a little white make-up.  This appliance will make you look like something right out of a Stephen King novel for sure.

Vampire Forehead by Woochie. This appliance will put you heads above all of the other Vampires walking the streets this year!

Lastly, we all know wherever the Vampires are, Werewolves are sure to lurking close by.  Rather than getting a full-head latex mask to pull off this look, use this next appliance.  Being that this is glued to your face rather than coviering your entire head and face, you’ll be much cooler and and less intrusive.  You can talk and see much better with an appliance on your face versus a full latex mask!

Werewolf Face Appliance by Woochie. It’s so much easier to howl at the moon with an appliance. Put the mask down and make up your face instead!

Add one of these or one of our many appliances to your look this year.  We’ve got all you need to make these easy for you to use.  We’ve got make-up, spirit gum, liquid latex and crepe hair!  If you’re uncomfortable with how to apply it, don’t worry.  One of our qualified staff members will be happy to take the fear away and show you how to do all of it!

Halloween is for the kids too!

We can’t forget the kids when thinking about costumes.  Here at McCulloch’s we try to have a wide selection of kid’s costumes all year round!  We’ve got monsters, princesses, knights, ghosts, Star Wars, Superheroes, Monster High, cowboys, policeman, army, mermaids and Spongebob just to name a few. 

We have taken every effort to stock something for everyone, and we didn’t forget the babies when doing so.  Check out one of our bunting costumes for your little bundles of joy!

Caterpillar Bunting for newborns 0-9 months

 If your little guy is a bit older and wants to be scary, pick up one of our Lil’ Frankie toddler costumes!   

Your Lil' Cutie could be Lil' Frankie this year!!


Once they pass the toddler mark they are probably getting into Mario or the Smurf’s.  Check out these ideas for your kids!

Now they can look like Mario or Luigi while playing Mario Kart on their Wii!!Child's Smurfette Costume. We've got Smurf Costumes too!Child's Smurfette Costume. We've got Smurf Costumes too!


Child's Smurfette Costume. We've got Smurf Costumes too!



There always comes a point when kids no longer fit in the kids sizes, yet they are too small to fit into adult costumes.  We’ve got a great selection of Teen sized costumes to ensure everyone in your family can be dressed up in something fun and comfortable this season!  Here’s just one of our teen costumes currently in stock:
Vampirina Teen Costume fits Juniors Size 0-9

This is just a small sampling of what we have, so be sure to come to the store and see it all, or take a look at our online catalogue to see everything that is available!  Remember, not everything on the online catalogue is in the store, but we can always order it in for you.  There are only 12 days left until Halloween but we’ve still got some time to order in your favorite costume!

Click Your Heels 3 Times and You’ll Be At McCulloch’s!!

We all know that shoes can really finish off an outfit and give you that polished look.  It’s the same with a costume! You need to check out our line of shoes and boots that will take your costume to that final look of perfection!  Here are a few examples of what we can do to make your feet happy and included in your look this season!

Ruby Slippers!! No need for the Wizard when you have these on your feet!

 Those Ruby Slippers are in Men’s Sizes, so it’s not just the women we are taking care of! And while we are checking out men’s shoes, take a look at these next ones.  If you are doing a 70′s themed costume or pimp look, your really need to slip on a pair of these!

We've got the brown leopard printed platform shoes as well as the black and white leopard printed platforms for men!!

Now don’t feel left out ladies as we can cover your needs as well.  Check out these sexy and fun Go-Go Boots and Chunky Thigh-High Boots!!

Go-Go Boots in White or Black



You may not find all of these boots and shoes on our website as a lot of them are being discontinued by the supplier, but fear not we have a lot of inventory!  Come to the store and try them on, or give us a call at  519-659-3787 and we can ship them directly to you!! 
And we’ve also got pirate boots, Mary Janes and Roman Sandles too!!  Dressing up your feet has never been so much fun!!






McCulloch’s Has Gone To The Dogs….or Animals!!

We have got some FANTASTIC full body fur suits to make being a wild animal possible for you!  We’ve had some of these for a long time in our Rental Department but we’ve now got some new ones that you can purchase and call your own!

Always popular, we have a super fun Gorilla Costume.  Everything you need, except the bananas, are included in this kit!

Full Gorilla Suit- (Banana not included!)

Remember watching Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and being terrified of the Abominable Snowman?  Well now YOU can do the terrifying and dress up just like him!  Careful though, as you don’t want to upset Santa by being too scary!

Abominable Snowman (sorry, Rudolph doesn’t come with this one!)

Everybody has heard of Bigfoot, but his true existance has yet to be proven and validated. Why not get yourself into one of these suits and again get the controversy going with another “Bigfoot Sighting!”

Bigfoot Suit- a positive way to start rumors in your neighborhood!

All of these quality suits come complete with fur suit, gloves, mask and foot covers.  All that’s left to get is your sense of adventure and fun!  This costume will be one you will definitely have for years to come.  Come into the store to try one on, or check out our online catalogue and order yours today!  You can also check out our website for the many things we have to offer within our other departments!

The proof is in the teeth!

We all know that a true vampire has sharp and pointy fangs.  If this is the look you are going for this year then we have the teeth to prove you are a genuine blood sucker!

Dracula Fangs with thermoplastic molding for a perfectly customized fit! Available in medium and large sizes.


Vampire fangs by Scarecrow

 We’ve also got Werewolf fangs for those of you who really want to take a large bite out of Halloween this year!
Werewolf Fangs with thermoplastic mold for a perfect fit!

We’ve also got chrome vampire fangs as well as green ones.  If you are looking for a sexy look we’ve got the Sexy Bites too which are a little smaller with a curved tooth tip.  And don’t think we’re limited to teething Vampires and Werewolves-we’ve got a huge variety of teeth to match whatever look you are going for this year!  Check out our online catalogue or come into the store today!