Steampunk Alert!

The Steampunk craze is strong, and McCulloch’s has gotten geared up to meet your needs.  Accessorize your Steampunk look with some of our new Steampunk jewelery!

Large Gear Propeller Necklace








Steampunk Large Key Necklance







Steampunk Gear Wings Pin

 Steampunk style is also reflected in the clothing and footwear, so why not ensure you’ve got the right Victorian look with our Steampunk Spats!  You can put these on over your existing boot or shoe and you will be the only one who knows you don’t really have boots on.

We’ve got your goggles and headgear, as well as a wide selection of costumes to fit that Victorian period both in our retail and rental departments.  Come in today and get yourself Steampunked!


Famous New Arrivals to McCulloch’s

We’ve been talking a lot about gore, creepiness and scary stuff for Halloween but I realize some of you may not want to go that direction this year.  Halloween can bring out the kid in you, and can be about fun and laughter too. 

Remember the movie A Christmas Story when Ralphie gets a new set of pajama’s that look like a pink bunny?  We’ve got that suit so you too can look just like Ralphie!

For all of you who enjoy a good laugh you are probably familiar with the comedian Jeff Dunham and his character puppets.  New to our store just yesterday we’ve got Bubba and Achmed!!








Either of these costumes will ensure that you have a night full of fun and laughter and are just a small example of what we have to offer!  Come to the store or, order yours from our online store today!

Scary is in the Eye of the Beholder

Have you got your costume all ready to go but feel like there is something missing?  Why not heighten your look by changing your eyes? 





These contact lenses are a soft, non-prescription daily-wear lense.  McCulloch’s Costume has 39 different styles in stock, with more than 40 more available that we can order in for you!  These lenses will definitely add to the scariness of your look this Halloween, as well as provide entertainment throughout the year when you just want to freak out your friends!  Come into the store to see all of our styles available!

Note:  **Purchase is limited to people 18 years of age or older with a valid ID.**

Don’t smear it- seal it!

Many people love Halloween as it’s an opportunity to try new make-up techniques to transform themselves into someone or something unrecognizable to their friends and families.  This can be a seemingly challenging but fun process to take on, and there is nothing worse than creating your new look only to have it smeared and destroyed when you accidentally wipe your face.

A wonderful tool to help eliminate this heartbreak is a product at McCulloch’s called Barrier Spray!

Seal all of your hard work with this easy to use spray!

Orignially developed as an underbase for 3-D Gelatin appliances to increase durablility, this ‘wonder spray’ also works to insulate sensitive skin from harsh adhesives.  It also can simply and easily be misted on top of finished powder makeup to set and preserve your work.  Barrier Spray can also be used under makeup to stop sweat or over makeup to set it after applying colorset powders.

This product is just one of the little “secrets of the trade” for finishing makeup jobs, and you can get yours today at McCulloch’s Costume!  Go to our online store to order your, or come to the store for a demonstration and see all of our makeup supplies.

And just what is this “3-D Gelatin” I mentioned?  Check back for our next posting to learn about another wonderful product to help get your ‘gore’ on!

Is it a prop or is it real?

Everyone loves a skeleton at Halloween, especially if it’s realistic. Instead of taking a skeleton prop and hanging it from a tree or your ceiling, why not add this guy to your gruesome and scary collection? 


This impaled skeleton comes with a base and the stake that seperates into 3 pieces so not only is it easy to set up, it’s easy to store it after Halloween. This base sits on the ground so there’s no need for special over-head rigging. You can almost feel the pain this guy felt when he was put on the stake!  You can add more realism to this dead guy by adding more fake blood or even hanging a strobe light above where he is displayed.


At McCulloch’s we’ve put this guy on display and added some awesome cobwebs with the Webcaster Gun, some extra skull props and fake spiders. This can be a truly eerie and gruesome display that will make everyone in your neighborhood scream with delight!  Better yet, you can get this Impaled Skeleton, with it’s base, for only $39.99!! That is such a good deal it’s almost grave robbery!

Balloon Bouquets and Sculptures from McCullochs Costume

Did you know that McCullochs Costume is one of Londons largest supplier of both balloons, balloon bouquets and balloon sculptures for parties and special events? If you are looking for a balloon bouquet in London or want something really unique give our balloon department a call and let us know.

Balloon Room at McCullochs Costume

The Balloon Department at McCullochs Costume

Shark Balloon Sculpture

McCullochs Costume Balloon Sculpture

Feeling Old? Why not look old too?

Old Man Supersoft Mask

New this year to McCulloch’s Costumes are some incredibly realistic and comfortable masks that make looking old natural and easy.  Make-up isn’t necessary with our “Moving Mouth Action” masks!  These realistic lifelike masks are made of a soft vinyl with a chin-cup and harness that allows the mouth of the mask to move when you speak for a more realistic look.  Just put it on and you’re ready to go.

Visit our online store to check out our wide selection of masks to give your costume the finishing touch it needs.  Or come to the store and try one of these articulating masks on.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can transform from 30 years old to 75!

How to make realistic Spider Webs!

You’ve got a great party planned and you have all of your decorations.  Better yet your house is going to be the scariest haunted house in london this year when the kids come trick-or-treating.  Want to make it better?  Want to make it scarier and more realistic?  Add some spider webs!  I’m not talking about the plastic bags filled with cotton that you string out and stretch out over your bushes and furniture.  McCulloch’s has something better….let’s introduce you to the Webcaster Gun.

The Webcaster Gun

Created by Professionals, the Webcaster Gun is the only UL Listed, Patent Pending Designed gun available for the amateur Halloween decorator.  Any home haunter can take an ordinary scene and add realistic cobwebs that look as if they were made by a pack of spiders.  Connect a simple air compressor to the gun and insert our Webcaster sticks and you’ll have an amazing scene in no time!  Glue sticks come in a variety of colors including , black, white, neon orange, neon yellow and glow-in-the-dark clear!

Visit our online store to order your Webcaster today!

Don’t forget the decorations!


Every haunted party needs some eerie lighting!

With all parties decorating can be a chore, and Halloween parties are no exception.  McCulloch’s has all that you will need to make this easy and make your bash a success!  We have character cutouts, window clings, garland, skulls, body parts, cauldrens, strobe lights, black lights, fake blood, fog machines and scary music cd’s to name a few!!  While you’re here you can pick up some tombstones, skeletons and flying creatures to really put your monster mash over the top!  Come down to the store where any of our knowledgable sales associates can help you, or visit our online store at

Check back tomorrow as we’ll be showing you a tool to make the most realistic looking spider webs you’ve ever seen! This will really take your halloween decorating to the next level!

Deluxe – Scary WereWolf Costume

Sometimes you really want to give someone a good scare on Halloween. McCullochs has a huge selection of scary halloween costumes both online an in our store on Dundas St. in London, Ontario. This adult sized Deluxe WereWolf costume is one of them. With this flashy suit ( included in costume) you can step out on the town in fashion and really be the “Werewolf of London ”

WereWolf Costume

Scary Werewolf Costume