Let Hollywood Inspire your next Party!!!

Everyone has a Favourite movie, or a Favourite actor/actress, so why not let them inspire your next party!r54328Love the movie “Grease”, think 50′s.

132-85034ML R54153Thinking “the Great Gatsby”…148-01028L r57988Who doesn’t love a good old fashion western…

250343 R57676The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise has given the world 4 movies, with more to come..

102-27DIS5035 R50469Looking for something with a little more action…why not racing?603-29103 R50013Still want more action…who doesn’t love a good “James Bond” film

FW131394 R50073For Years Movies have inspired our lives, why not let them inspire your next party!!

Mardi Gras is February 17th!

Mardi Gras and Masquerade parties are one of the fastest growing themes around, and here we can outfit you whether it’s for February’s Mardi Gras celebration or a Masquerade Semi Formal.

441-4807 FW93211 R50570 R57320 187-69410From Beads, to Masks, to Decorations…McCulloch’s is ready for your next Masquerade Event!

Photo Fun for your Next Party!

With Photo Booths being all the rage, why not bring the Photo Fun to your next Event! Pictures are an easy way to share the fun and the memories, and with Photo Props, as well as Photo Booth Accessories it’s now easier than ever.

R57852 r57981 r57988 r57998 187-73110With Photo Props available for all themes, we can help you make a memorable and fun 2015.

Let McCulloch’s “TOP” Off your Costume!!

Have a great costume, but just need a few things to finish it off? Not sure what to be yet? A few amazing accessories may be just what you need. With one complete aisle devoted to Wigs and over 100+ hats in stock, we can help “top” off your look.148-70538 241-784700 241-784762BK 241-785041 441-51324 441-51450We have wigs for your scary, sexy or funny costumes and hats for all the professionals, gangsters, cowboys, or any other character you may want to be.

Go WILD this Halloween!

Looking to be something WILD, why not try your favourite animal! With over a dozen different animals kits, noses, ears and tails, not to mention some full animal funsie’s, we can help bring out your WILD side!R20761 102-27DIS14718 102-14720 187-68605 187-68935 187-71192Lions, and Tiger’s  and Bears…Plus so much more!

Accessorize in Style

No matter what costume you choose this Halloween the accessories or lack of them, can make or break you costume! With everything from wigs, glasses, stockings, jewellery, gloves, hats and so much more, we have all of the accessories to turn your costume from good to GREAT!FW90211 132-6120 187-62062 241-676482

It’s Movember time again!

It’s time to grow your mustache again to support men’s health. McCulloch’s has all kinds of mustaches for those of you who aren’t able to but still want to sport a stache!

McCulloch’s has peel and stick mustaches, real-hair mustaches that you apply with spirit gum, as well as crepe hair for a completely customized stache.  NEW this here is yet another fun alternative Stache TATS!

The Corona Set by Stache TATS

The Corona Set by Stache TATS

These are the original temporary mustache tattoo.  Quick, easy and no hairs to tickle your nose!  These mustache tattoos are sweat proof, beverage proof, and you can smile wide knowing it has conformed to your face so you won’t have to worry about it falling off.  And best of all they don’t itch!!  This Corona set retails for just $8.99!

The Santiago Set by Stache TATS

The Santiago Set by Stache TATS

Stache TATS come in many varieties, and in 3 packs or 4-5 packs.  The Santiago set retails for a whopping $5.99!  Three of you can show your support this Movember for just $2 each!  Temporary tattoos are easily removed with baby oil!

Stache TATS are available in the store, or online thru our webstore at www.mccullochscostume.com


The Eyes Say It All

McCulloch’s Costume still has theatrical contact lenses to give the finishing touch to your look this season!  We carry high quality daily wear lenses made by Gothika.  Assuming you wear these every day they will give you about a years worth of entertainment.  If you aren’t…they will last you much longer providing you properly store them.  One of our staff members did their 4th Halloween with her first pair of lenses she purchased!

We have a new lens style this year that is perfect for your zombie look:

Walking Dead Contacts by Gothika

Walking Dead Contacts by Gothika

These lenses are amazing at giving you that ‘dead’ look.  Now this is the ONLY pair of lenses we carry that actually cover your pupil completely, so there IS some visual disturbance.  You can definitely see while wearing these but it is like looking through fog; sort of a milky view.  You are going to want to ensure someone else is driving you to your party if you purchase these.

And of course we still have our hot sellers still available:

Black Wolf Lenses by Gothika

Black Wolf Lenses by Gothika

Hellraiser contacts by Gothika


Red Vampire contact lenses by Gothika

Red Vampire contact lenses by Gothika


Lestat contact lenses by Gothika

Lestat contact lenses by Gothika

We have so many more to choose from.  Come down to the store and check out our selection!!