One of a Kind Costume Rentals


DSCF6725 DSCF6115Not interested in buying a costume that you’re only going to wear once…why not rent! With Costume Rentals you get your choice of beautiful, handmade, Award Winning costumes made by expert seamstresses. With One of a Kind costumes you are sure to be an original, and with 4 change rooms available and with the help of our friendly knowledgeable staff, you’re sure to get that perfect fit. With lots of selection still available for both couples and individuals, our Costume Rentals are sure to make your Halloween one of a kind!costume rentals DSCF6180

Have some Big Fun this Halloween!

Looking to have some Fun this Halloween? Want something completely different, and amazingly fun…try one of our Adult One Size Hilarious Costumes!

Whether you want to be a Hot Dog, a Duck, a Pumpkin, or one of your favourite childhood characters, we have an amazing selection of very funny costumes that are sure to make you the hit of your party!102-7253-DISG-I B4209-02 B7094 B7104Looking for something a little more Adult related, then come check us out! We have a huge selection of funny costumes for the tame and the not so tame customers.

Halloween FUNSIE’S

Funsie’s are now IN STOCK! From 12 different animals to choose from, and the fact that this is by far the most comfortable costume you will ever own, you can see why this is one of the top favourite’s of the staff here at McCulloch’s.241-40051 241-40005 241-40013 241-40020A unisex costume, with style, comfort, and character!

Costume Kits make Halloween Easy

We love Halloween, and we especially love that Halloween doesn’t have to be difficult! With Costume Kits, get the pieces you need to bring your character to life.

Wolverine Kit includes sideburns, dog tag, and claws.

Wolverine Kit includes sideburns, dog tag, and claws.

cat in the hat adult

Mr Potato Head Kit includes hats and facial pieces for both Mr and Mrs Potato Head

Mr Potato Head Kit includes hats and facial pieces for both Mr and Mrs Potato Head

Where's Waldo includes shirt, hat and glasses

Where’s Waldo includes shirt, hat and glasses

Let a Costume Kit be your inspiration, and remember It’s More Fun in Costume!

Halloween T-Shirt Style

So you need to dress up, but it’s not really your thing. Don’t worry about it, Costume T-Shirts are your answer! With lots of different styles available you can be whoever or whatever you want, with minimal effort.B1282 154-WSPL 187-54223 441-880470LFrom Super Heroes to Hippies, a T-Shirt will get you through your night!

Halloween with a Sense of Humor

Not everyone loves to be scary, and when it comes to dressing up for Halloween sometimes being funny can be more fun!

FW131344 148-00981 B4330 B6091Hilarious Adult Costumes for ALL types of Humor. From Tame, to very Adult, let us tickle your funny bone!

Costumes Built for Two!

Finding the perfect Halloween Costume can sometimes be difficult, and finding one that you can wear as a couple can make it twice as hard. We have your solution!

Couples Costumes come with both costumes in one package, are comfortable, and priced starting as low as $55.99. fw130954 B7096 fw130924These funny, one size fits most costumes make shopping for the both of you just a little easier!