Top 10 Reasons to Shop at McCulloch’s!


For those of you who have never been to visit us here at McCulloch’s, these are the top 10 reasons to come and see us.

#10. McCulloch’s is a London based and Family owned and operated business.

#9. Our Costume Rental Department has hundreds of beautiful costumes made by expert seamstresses.

costume rentals#8. From Masquerade Masks to high quality Latex Masks, we can help you get your scare on!eyemasks#7. Over 100 different styles of hats and over 100 different styles of wigs in stock to help “TOP” off your costume.wigs hats#6. Accessories, accessories, and still more accessories!accessories#5. Costume Experts with 6 change rooms available to help you get the look and the fit you want.

#4. 13 walls of Costumes ranging from size Newborn to 3XL.

kids costumes adult costumes#3. Friendly Knowledgeable Staff who work year round to get ready for Halloween means that there is always help available.

#2. Extensive Selection of Makeup with Professionals to help advise you how to get that amazing look.

makeup counter#1. 52 Years in Business. 52 Halloweens, means we ARE Halloween!!

Bring out your Inner Villain this Halloween!

With the popularity of Super Heroes rising, why not bring out your inner Villain this Halloween! Sometimes it’s so good to be a little bad!441-889965L 132-83767L 441-4891 441-887404L 441-887405 441-888632From T-Shirts, masks, makeup, wigs, and of course full costumes we can make your Halloween a little wicked this year!

Hungry for Halloween?

Looking for the finishing touches for your Halloween Party? How about some Finger Foods! Prepackaged Body Parts are sealed for freshness and ready for your Halloween Dinner Party!S81505 S80563 S81221 S81479Halloween Appetizers for all your hungry friends. Best Before October 31st!

The Zombie Uprising is HERE!

In a time where Zombie Movies, and TV Shows are everywhere, it’s not surprising that the Zombie epidemic has reached monster proportions.

With Masks, Makeup, Costumes, Decorations and Accessories we are all geared up and ready for our newest batch of the undead.fw9488 J88859 S92855Zombie season is upon us, and we are ready!

Get your Haunt on this Halloween!

Ready to decorate for Halloween. Looking to scare the neighborhood kids, or are you looking for something a little more family friendly that will show off your love of Halloween…well, we can help!

From Spiderwebs to Zombies, Ghosts to Witches, Tombstones to Cauldrons, let McCulloch’s help you get ready to be the best decorated house on the block.s82453 187-63331 187-68167 At McCulloch’s we know Halloween, and remember, It’s always more FUN in Costume!

The Next Generation of Masks!

Halloween Masks have been around forever but check out the next generation of Masks!

zmb1010 zm9002 zm9003Supersoft Latex Masks are thinner, more comfortable, and flexible. Finally a Mask that moves with your face, to help you become one with your character.

Multiple Styles are NOW IN STOCK! On display and waiting for you to check them out!

The Eyes Say It All

McCulloch’s Costume still has theatrical contact lenses to give the finishing touch to your look this season!  We carry high quality daily wear lenses made by Gothika.  Assuming you wear these every day they will give you about a years worth of entertainment.  If you aren’t…they will last you much longer providing you properly store them.  One of our staff members did their 4th Halloween with her first pair of lenses she purchased!

We have a new lens style this year that is perfect for your zombie look:

Walking Dead Contacts by Gothika

Walking Dead Contacts by Gothika

These lenses are amazing at giving you that ‘dead’ look.  Now this is the ONLY pair of lenses we carry that actually cover your pupil completely, so there IS some visual disturbance.  You can definitely see while wearing these but it is like looking through fog; sort of a milky view.  You are going to want to ensure someone else is driving you to your party if you purchase these.

And of course we still have our hot sellers still available:

Black Wolf Lenses by Gothika

Black Wolf Lenses by Gothika

Hellraiser contacts by Gothika


Red Vampire contact lenses by Gothika

Red Vampire contact lenses by Gothika


Lestat contact lenses by Gothika

Lestat contact lenses by Gothika

We have so many more to choose from.  Come down to the store and check out our selection!!