And then the balloons drop….

An exciting thing that happens at New Years is the countdown.  Following the screaming of 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 are the horns, bells, sirens, hugging, kissing and many times balloons fall magically from overhead.  This adds so much fun to the closing of one year and ringing in of the next, and your party can easily have this added magical burst of fun too.  Balloon drops aren’t just for large convention center settings!

Clear Plastic Balloon Drop

McCulloch’s has a variety of balloon drop sizes.  If you’ve never seen one or used one before, they are pretty straight forward and easy to do.  All you need is a drop, a bunch of air inflated balloons, and some string or fishing line to rig them up.  All that’s needed then is someone to pull the cord when the clock strokes midnight!

There are basically two types of balloon drops: plastic bags and net bags.  At McCulloch’s we carry both and in various sizes.  Take a look at our options:

  1. 3′ x 6′ plastic bag with a capacity of (100) 7″ balloons
  2. 7′ x 4′ nylon net bag with a capacity of (100) 9″ balloons
  3. 4′ x 14′ nylon net bag with a capacity of (200) 9″ balloons
  4. 7′ x 14′ nylon net bag with a capacity of (500) 9″ balloons
  5. 6′ x 24′ nylon net bag with a capacity of (1000) 9″ balloons

With those size options you have a lot of flexibility for your balloon drops.  You may find it better for your space to do two smaller nets instead of one large one.  Whatever your space, we can help with your balloon drops!

At McCulloch’s we have a fully stocked balloon center with professional balloon artists, and can prepare your balloon drops for you if you don’t want to do the inflating and stuffing.  We can even come to your venue and rig them into place for an additional fee so that you don’t have to!

We would like to pass on a few tips however if you are doing your own balloon drop.  These are a few little tricks we have learned over the years and they will ensure an easy preparation and execution on New Years Eve.

  1. UNDER inflate your balloons!  Under inflating your balloons basically make them more squishy and pliable without the risk of popping.  This will allow you to put MORE balloons in your bag or net.  A good rule of thumb is to inflate them 2-3 inches smaller than your balloon capacity.
  2. If using a plastic drop bag, spray the inside with a good coating of static guard before stuffing with balloons.  Latex by nature creates static, and this step will help to ensure you don’t have any balloons clinging to the bag at the drop of midnight!  There’s nothing worse than standing on the floor and looking up to see a third of your balloons still up at the ceiling.
  3. If using a mesh net, make sure you are stuffing the drop with the balloon stems facing the inside of the drop.  This just takes a few extra seconds of time but again will ensure that all of your balloons fall out of the drop.  If your balloon necks are facing out rather than in, they can get stuck in the mesh and subsequently you again are left with balloons hanging onto the drop rather than on your guests’ heads!

Again, if you are needing a balloon drop this year, McCulloch’s has you covered.  We can set you up with all of the supplies, or we can prepare one for you.  Give us a call and we will be happy to quote your job and help out with your New Years party this year!  You can also go to our online catalogue and order your supplies at and hit the online catalogue link. 







Ring in the New Year in Decorated Style!

Are you looking to dazzle up your home, business party room, or restaurant for your New Years Eve party this year?  McCulloch’s has all you need to decorate and create a fun and festive environment that will ensure all of your guests get in the mood for fun!

We’ll touch on some of those decorations today, namely our banners.  Banners are a quick and easy way to decorate your area.  Better yet they make for an easy clean-up afterwards.  Just pick out where you want to hang them, grab a few thumb tacks and voila!  You are done!

A big trend at New Years parties tends to be with a color scheme of black and gold or black and silver.  This first banner gives you all kinds of pizazz in just that style:

Glittered Streamer Banner in Black and Gold or Black and Silver. Measures 8 1/2' x 8 1/2"

 Staying with this color scheme, you also have an option with a metallic look:

Metallic Fringe Banner in black and silver or black and gold. Measures 14" x 4'

 If you aren’t too keen on the gold and silver colour scheme and want to bring in some color to your party, fear not as there are plenty of options for you too.  This first banner is similar to the above metallic banner but with a lot of bright color thrown in:

Metallic Fringe Banner in multi-colour. Measures 14" x 4'

 Did you like that glittered look of the first banner?  You can get it with multiple colours too!

Glittered Happy New Year banner in multi-colour. Measures 8 1/2' x 8 1/2"

 One last example of a multi-coloured banner comes in at 6′ for those areas that may not be able to accomodate the larger 8 1/2′ size:

Jointed Happy New Year banner in multi-colour. Measures 6' x 6 1/2"

  These are just a few of the banners that we offer.  To see all that we have available to you, please go to our online catalogue and have a browse.  Too, you can always stop by the store and see us.  Any one of our helpful and dedicated associates will assist you in finding just the right decorations to make this next party of yours a success!

Happy New Year!!! Really….it’s right around the corner!

New Year’s parties are being planned and McCulloch’s is stocked and ready to meet your party needs!

When it comes to New Years Decorations and supplies you have a wide variety of options.  We’ve got hats, noise makers, confettie bursts, balloon drop bags and nets, tiara’s and air horns just to name a few.  You can pick these items out “Ala-Cart” or you can purchase a New Year’s Kit Assortment with everything you need already packaged up and ready for you to bring in the new year!

All of our assorted kits are based on 10, 20, 25, 40, 50, or 100 people so, depending on your party size, we are sure to have the perfect party kit for you.  Just to give you an idea of what we have to offer here are a few of the different assortments:

Silver Party Kit for 50 people, contains: 25 full size HAPPY NEW YEAR hats, 25 tiaras with sparkling glitter, 50 musical horns, 25 Hawaiian poly leis, and 200 serpentine throws

Wanting a more colorful and vibrant theme with top hats this year?  Check out this next kit:

Starry Nights Kit for 50 contains: 25 assorted color plastic top hats with HAPPY NEW YEAR band, 25 HAPPY NEW YEAR tiaras, 50 printed 9″ foil horns, 25 Hawaiian poly leis

This next kid is a head turner and even comes with noise makers.  The color scheme screams elegance, sophistication and most importantly, FUN!

Royal Party Assortment for 50 contains: 25 full size curved brim HAPPY NEW YEAR top hats, 25 deluxe HAPPY NEW YEAR tiaras, 25 9″ fringed horns, 25 deluxe metal noisemakers and 200 serpentine throws

For those of you with larger parties or corporate functions you may want to look into a kit for 100 people.  Here are just a few of our favorites that we have to offer:

Bonanza Assortment for 100 in Gold or Silver contains: 1 bartender Hi-Hat, 1 plumed waitress tiara, 45 foil hats, 5 plastic NEW YEARS toppers, 50 glittered fringed tiaras, 20 deluxe noisemakers, (80) 9” foil horns, (36) 33” party beads, 14 soft twist poly leis, 100 serpentine throws, (25) 9” balloons, (1) 8.5” glittered HAPPY NEW YEAR banner

Here is another assortment for 100 that is colorful, playful and lots of fun:

Grand Slam Party Kit for 100 contains: 50 colorful assorted hats, 50 HAPPY NEW YEAR tiaras, 100 jumbo 9″ foil horns, 50 Hawaiian poly leis

There are so many assorted kits that we just can’t list them all here.  We’ve got kits that are themed, too!  Mardi Gras style, gangster style, Western style, Vegas style, multi-colored, kits with red or gold or silver as the main color, kits with derby hats, kits with top hats….the list keeps going on and on!  You really need to come into the store and check them all out, or visit our online store and browse all of our inventory!!  We at McCulloch’s are confident that we can get the right kit to make your New Year’s bash a success and look fabulous!!

And don’t forget about the balloons!  Our professional staff can create a number of balloon sculptures, arches, and bouquets to add to your decorating.  We can even take care of filling up those balloon drops for you so you don’t have to!  McCulloch’s strives to be your one-stop New Year’s shop!